Postpartum Care Packages

to Nourish, Soothe and Celebrate New Mothers

Tenth Moon helps new moms thrive

Let’s not beat around the bush: Giving birth and caring for a newborn is some of the hardest work a woman will do. Tenth Moon knows mothers shine brighter when we receive the same nurturing as our newborns. Our New Mom Care Packages are created with all of new mother’s needs in mind, whether it’s your first baby or your fourth. Nourishing snacks, soothing soaks, plus all of the nitty-gritty things every new mama needs.

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Receiving the Mama + Baby package right before the birth of our daughter made us even more excited for her arrival and made me feel prepared and calm knowing I had all the essentials to get us started in our new life together! Any new mom would love this package. Thank you! 

- Heather, first-time mom

With any birth, there is a lot of focus on the baby, so I wanted a gift that was mommy-centric. When it arrived, it let my wife know I hadn't forgotten about her in all the baby-preparation madness. 

- Gord, dad of 2

We received many lovely gifts for the babies, but this is the only thing that was sent just for me! After birthing twins, I cannot begin to tell you how much I need and appreciate every single thing in my Tenth Moon package. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

– Jessi, twin Mama

Why couldn't Tenth Moon have existed 12 years ago when I had my first child!? The care package I ordered for a friend was so perfect. Ditch the baby gifts and buy a Tenth Moon package instead – hands down.

- Deborah, mom of 3

What New Moms Need


Follow pregnancy by lunar cycles, and most women give birth in and around the 10th moon. Becoming a mother is a physical and emotional journey like no other – creating a new life; discovering a new identity. Allow yourself the time and space to rest, recover and receive the care you need in this intimate, transformational experience; the Tenth Moon.