Breastfeeding Resources for New Moms

You’ve probably noticed that breastfeeding is kind of a big deal these days. From social norms and community support to the physical challenges of breastfeeding and the latest in nursing wear, this post could really go on forever. (It won’t; I promise!)

There’s much stigma around breastfeeding. For moms who can’t or choose not to nurse, there can be guilt about feeling like you’re not doing what’s best for your baby, or expected by your community.

For moms who can and do breastfeed their babies, there’s sometimes discomfort around nursing in public, how long to breastfeed your baby and whether or not to supplement with formula.  

At 39 weeks pregnant, I’ve been thinking a lot about breastfeeding. I loved nursing my daughter and did until she was two years old, but we definitely got off to a rough start. The first three weeks of her life included a thrush infection that resulted in toe-curling pain, cracked, bleeding nipples and many tears (mine, not hers).

I often hear first-time new mothers say they wish someone had told them how demanding and challenging breastfeeding would be. In the beginning, it can be overwhelming, but as you settle into more of a routine over the first couple of months, nursing can become one of the loveliest things about motherhood. (It also becomes so second-nature you’ll do it without thinking half of the time.) Plus, breast milk is perfectly balanced for your babe, a cinch to take on-the-go and highly economical!  

"I often hear first-time mothers say they wish someone had told them how demanding breastfeeding would be."

Having sore nipples is one of the most common reasons why women stop breastfeeding. That’s why all of our postpartum care packages include Tenth Moon Organic Coconut Oil as well as Shoosha Truly Organic Rescue Nipple Balm to help condition sensitive nipples and ease discomfort.   

Make the most of community resources and support, like these helpful videos from breastfeeding guru Dr. Jack Newman, your local La Leche League and hospital-based breastfeeding clinics and lactation consultants (often these appointments are free of charge).

You can also check out our super easy DIY nursing top-hack to save some pennies while on maternity leave. (You’re welcome!)

Happy nursing, Mama!

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