DIY Nursing Top: Budget-Friendly, No-Sew, Totally Stylish

When you’re breastfeeding, you really need to think about what to wear. (I know; like we don't already have enough to think about.) You're out. Your babe is hungry.  Having easy access to your breasts is essential and can essentially eliminate half of the clothes in your wardrobe. (Toodle-loo, turtleneck.)

While there are plenty of practical, stylish nursing tops available, they can be pricey — not ideal for the mat-leave budget.  

I’m no fashion maven, so was pretty chuffed when this idea for a DIY nursing top popped into my head. It involves three (yes, three!) fashion trends: layering, colour-blocking and crop tops.

"Simply reach up under the crop, pull down the tank and (ta-da!) you're nursing in comfort and style with great coverage."

Here it is: a scoop neck tank — one that is low-cut and stretchy enough to comfortably pull down beneath your breast — paired with a crop top. Simply reach up under the crop, pull down the tank and (ta-da!) you’re nursing in comfort and style with great coverage.   

I picked up these six tops, three tanks and three crops, on sale 3 for $15 — a total of less than $40. You can mix and match colours to go with any outfit, or try a monotone look. Bonus: Unlike nursing tops proper, these basics can become part of your regular wardrobe when breastfeeding days are done.  

Happy nursing, mamas!

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Lindsay Forsey

Lindsay is the founder of Tenth Moon Mother Care, a mom of two and a postpartum wellness activist. When she's not busy bundling up Tenth Moon care packages for new mamas, you might spot her on TV talking about the fourth trimester, blogging about maternal health or perfecting her "padsicle" recipe.

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      Hi Miranda, I found the crop tops at Ardene, though it was a few years ago now. I think you might find them at any shop that sells basics (H&M, Garage, Old Navy, etc.) If you don’t have any luck finding them, you could cut a shirt into a crop (maybe visit a second-hand shop and find some fun vintage tees?), or search online for “crop tops.” Happy nursing!! – Lindsay

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