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Bosom Buddy Breastfeeding Box

Nursing a newborn is a full-time job. (Been there!) Every breastfeeding Mama needs a little help from her friends, like our Bosom Buddy Breastfeeding Box. She'll devour our Yummy Mama Organic Granola (possibly at 3 a.m.), with oats and pecans to help promote healthy breastmilk supply. FLOW Nursing Tea by The Honest Leaf is an organic blend of fenugreek, blessed thistle and other herbs, co-created by a naturopathic doctor and a nutritionist, to help support both nursing mama and babe. And with all that breastfeeding, mum's nipples will definitely need some TLC. Shoosha Truly Organic Rescue Nipple Balm is USDA food-grade organic and created to soothe and repair tender skin between feedings. Safe for mama. Safe for babe. (No need to wash off before nursing.)


Sweet Relief Padsicle Package

Let’s not beat around the bush: Our intimate bits are left swollen, tender, and sometimes torn after childbirth. New Mamas welcome the comfort of our Sweet Relief Perineum/C-section Package, perfect for making padsicles and soothing the perineum or c-section incision naturally. Tenth Moon Herbal Sitz Bath with calendula, comfrey and other herbs is easy to prepare and encourages gentle recovery. Pillowy NatraCare Organic Cotton Maternity Pads are perfectly soft. Natural Earthwise Witch Hazel Distillate is alcohol-free and can be used as a spritz or applied to a pad to relieve bruising, tenderness and varicose veins. Some Mamas like to place witch hazel pads in the freezer for a cooling sensation.


Essentials Mini

A few of Mama’s favourite things from our Tenth Moon Essentials New Mom Care Package to help soften those early days of new motherhood.

Tenth Moon Organic Raspberry Leaf Tea: Sit back, relax and enjoy a cuppa. Mums-to-be drink raspberry leaf tea in their final weeks of pregnancy to help increase oxytocin, “the love hormone,” in the body. (Women naturally produce oxytocin labour, which can help to make contractions more efficient. Yes, please!) Postpartum, women drink it to help tone the uterus and balance hormones.

Tenth Moon Herbal Sitz Bath: Swelling. Soreness. Tearing. Stitches. Having a baby leaves mama with seriously tender bits, however we give birth. Our blend of calendula flowers, comfrey leaf, witch hazel bark and other soothing herbs promotes gentle and natural perineum recovery, and can also be used to soothe a c-section incision.

Tenth Moon Lavender Mineral Soak: Looking for a full-body workout? Labour and birth should do the trick! Giving birth and caring for a newborn is hard, physical work. Draw a hot bath and relax, Mama. You need this time. Tenth Moon mineral soak is made with pure magnesium sulphate to soothe aching muscles, plus lavender essential oil and lavender buds for a calming, refreshing soak.


Hey, Mama! Sisterhood Package

Know a Mama who could use a little reminder of how awesome she is? (Silly question. Of course, you do!) Goddess knows, we all have our moments of doubt. Hey, Mama! is the perfect little pick-me-up for any mom, any time. She'll sink into a warm bath with our Lavender Mineral Soak and light a Fresh Bark candle with vetiver and basil essential oil to clear her mind. The best part? Your sweet message of sisterhood and solidarity. (Just let us know what you want to say.)


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