Our Story

"I see you, Mama."

I feel the weight of your eyelids. I know you’ve been up all night, desperate for more than a few hours’ sleep. I feel every muscle aching from nursing and rocking and carrying your sweet new babe. I see your soaked shirt and smell the sour milk. I know the house is upside down and you’re eating cold leftovers and you can’t even remember the last time you washed your hair. You’re giving so very much of yourself. And I want you to know you’re doing a good job…

After I had my first baby, I was completely overwhelmed. (Sound familiar?) Our planned home birth became an emergency c-section. There were complications. I struggled to breastfeed. I was physically and emotionally depleted in ways I never imagined.

Despite being a doula at the time, I was unprepared for what new motherhood would bring. Thankfully, I had my partner, my mum, my midwives and many gentle mama friends – my proverbial village, if you will – to guide me through it.

"Giving birth isn’t only about having a baby. It’s about becoming a mother."

A few months on, brimming with gratitude for the circle of care around me, I wanted to pay it forward. I started making small care packages for friends having babies – an herbal bath and granola, for example – and they loved it. Then there were requests for friends of friends.

I realized this was something moms wanted and needed: A new tradition of postpartum care, shared between mothers and daughters, sisters and friends, partners and other loved ones.

Founded in 2014, Tenth Moon is Canada’s first postpartum care package company, created by moms for moms. Inspired by rituals of mothering the mother, and the passage of wisdom from woman to woman, maternal wellness is the heart and soul of this company.

Our care packages are created with natural and organic products that are safe for moms and babies, bundled up with love and intention, with all of a new mother’s needs in mind: Snacks and teas to nourish the body; soaks and baths to soothe the soul; balms and personal care must-haves to help with recovery.

Let’s face it: In most of Western culture, nearly all attention falls to preparing and caring for our babies. A new mom’s wellbeing is so often overlooked, and the reality is that it’s absolutely essential to the wellbeing of her family and her newborn.

"This was something moms wanted and needed: A new tradition of postpartum care."

Giving birth isn’t only about having a baby. It’s about becoming a mother. Tenth Moon packages are created to encourage rest, gentle recovery and time to bond with your baby.

Tenth Moon is changing the way we care for new mothers. We’d love to be a part of your village.

With love + gratitude,

Lindsay Forsey
tenth moon founder. mom of two. maternal wellness advocate.