Take good care of yourself with these 10 practical tips for postpartum well-being.

10 Ways to Practice Self-Care When You Have a Newborn

When it comes to self-care as a new mom, you have to think like you’re taking off on a holiday. (Trust me; I’m going somewhere with this.) And, while any new mom will tell you that early postpartum life is hardly a vacay, there is a pearl of wisdom perfect for new mama self-care that you’ve likely heard recited by your flight attendant just before take-off: You must put on your own oxygen mask first.

We need this reminder because prioritizing your own well-being isn’t always natural instinct. It’s especially true in motherhood. In fact, there’s a ton of data to show that our brains actually change after giving birth and we’re hardwired to focus on our baby’s needs, even when we’re completely knackered. 

It’s biology at work, and for good reason: Our newborns are helpless. But making your needs a priority is important and beneficial to your baby. In the fourth trimester, mama and babe coexist almost as one. Your well-being matters!

"There's a pearl of wisdom that's perfect for new mama self-care: You must put on your own oxygen mask first."

Take some time to consider the layers of postpartum self-care: physical, mental, emotional, and don’t feel guilty for a darn second giving attention to your own needs. (In many cultures, a new mom is catered to for the first month or so after giving birth and we really need to inspire more of that.)

If you’re a first-time mom, life is going to be radically different once you give birth. Hold some space for that. If you’re already a mom, finding time to take care of yourself postpartum can be even more challenging with other little people relying on you.

Embrace these self-care tips, from the nitty-gritty body care to navigating the roller coaster of new-mom emotions. We’ve got you…

This story originally appeared at Mabel’s Label blog The Mabelhood. Hop on over to read the full story and get all the deets on 10 Ways to Practice Self-Care When You Have a Newborn. Tenth Moon founder, Lindsay Forsey, is a regular contributor.

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