5 Reasons Why a Postpartum Care Package is the Best Gift for a New Mom

5 Reasons Why a Postpartum Care Package is the Best Gift Ever for a New Mom

Imagine a world where postpartum care packages are as common at baby showers as Sophie the Giraffe.

So many beautiful mamas are growing and birthing tiny humans, and folks gather ‘round offering… a squeaky, rubber baby toy? You’re cute, Sophie, but seeing as you aren’t soothing any vaginas or making any midnight snacks, I have something better in mind.

A gift of postpartum wellness and care; exactly what a new mom REALLY needs. Here are five undeniable reasons why a postpartum care package is the best gift ever for a new mom…  

1. She’ll have cute onesies galore. (You know it!)

If you’ve ever been to a baby shower, you’ve probably noticed that pretty much all the gifts are for the baby. Now, I love a cute onesie as much as the next mama, but trust that there will be gifts-a-plenty for her sweet bub. A postpartum care package is all about M-O-M, and she is oh-so-worthy of care and celebration.

2. It’s hard impossible for new moms to make time for themselves.

Newborns are helpless and our biology kicks in as soon as they’re born. Our brains change and we’re hardwired to focus on baby’s needs, even when we’re beyond exhausted. Receiving a postpartum care package reminds and encourages a new mom to think of her own wellness. You can’t pour from an empty cup.       

3. Everything in a Tenth Moon care package is there for a reason.

There’s a lot going on after we give birth: aching muscles, exhaustion, tender bits, engorgement, lactation, bleeding, rollercoaster hormones, unbelievable thirst and ravenous appetite (maybe even some hemorrhoids!).

Aaaand we’re taking care of a new tiny human. No biggie!  

Everything in our care packages has been thoughtfully chosen to soothe the natural discomforts of childbirth, whether vaginal or cesarean. Nipple balm, witch hazel, prunes – you name it – we’ve thought of everything to help soften the transition from pregnancy to new motherhood.  

4. The best gift you can give a baby is to take good care of their mama.

Despite what the forces of consumerism would like to have us believe, babies don’t need much in the way of “things.” Mostly, they need a healthy, well-cared-for mommy.

5. Stand out in a sea of swaddling blankets and sweet booties.

Ok, this last reason why a postpartum care package is the best gift ever for a new mom is totally selfish. Giving a gift of TLC for mama is something she’ll always remember and appreciate more than anything, during a time when her needs are so often overlooked. Be the one who stands out and gives the best gift ever.

You can read stories from our Tenth Moon Mamas to find out just how much they loved their postpartum care packages.

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Lindsay is the founder of Tenth Moon Mother Care, a mom of two and a postpartum wellness activist. When she's not busy bundling up Tenth Moon care packages for new mamas, you might spot her on TV talking about the fourth trimester, blogging about maternal health or perfecting her "padsicle" recipe.

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